ESA 2009: Introduction to LateX


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ESA 2009: Introduction to LateX



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LateX Links

**Wikibook: This is the most important link. The wikibook is a comprehensive introduction to LaTeX. Think of it as like our textbook.

**Detexify: Visual symbol lookup. A really cool web application for looking up latex symbols by drawing them with your mouse.

R Todd Jobe wrote a style file for Ecological Applications, you can download it here or find it on his webpage: Eco Ap Style file

**LaTeXit Mac only. Freeware. Typesets math to create drag and drop pdf images. Fantastic for creating powerpoint presentations with equations.

Laeqed Freeware. Java based (should work on PC, Unix, osx, etc.) Haven't tested it this to see how it works, but it looks like a windows alternative to the fantastic utility latexit. Worth checking out.

Baskett Lab A set of tips and tricks for theoretical ecologists, from theoretical ecologists

Sweave tip (scroll to bottom of page for Sweave part)
Resources This page includes style files for biologists, and several other useful tex resources

The tex showcase has the code for several examples of very fancy uses of tex, including extensive mathematics, music notation, foreign langueges and picture drawings.

LaTeX Pix: A drawing application for latex.

jPicEdt: Java based drawing environment for latex picture environment.

A list of style files for biology journals. A little out of date.

This page has tips and resources for converting between Word and Latex (both directions).

BibTeX Resources

**Bibdesk: Freeware. (Mac only) A bibliographic management tool. Sophisticated, free, rapidly developing. Highly recommended.

JabRef: JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager. It is Java based, so should work equally well on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I have downloaded this and looked at it briefly---it looks really, really nice. PC users should definitely check it out. General resource for bibtex, lots of links

Natbib manual (pdf)

BibTeX4Word: A tool for integrating bibtex and word. Also look at this article about it.

Using Endnote with LaTeX tips and more tips.

** means that I have made a lot of use this resource and recommend it highly

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