Analysis of Time-Series Data using State-Space and Hierarchical Modeling


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Analysis of Time-Series Data using State-Space and Hierarchical Modeling



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If just want to browse the workshop material, you can see all the lectures and case studies from this website. If you want to do the case studies, you need to install R and install the MARSS package from CRAN.

To work through the case studies:

1) You will need R. If you don't have it, you can download it from the CRAN R project site Once you get to that page, at the top you will see the links for downloading for different operating systems (Mac and PC).

PC users: Click on "Windows", then "base", and then you'll see a page with "Download R 2.xx.x for Windows" at the top. Download and install from that file. If you do not have administrative privileges on your computer, you will need to install R in My Documents or someplace like that (i.e. not Program Files since you won't have privileges to do that.).

Mac users: Click on "MacOS X", then download and install "R-2.xx.x.pkg (latest version)".

2) You will need to install the MARSS R package. On a PC, you select the menu "Packages" then click on "install packages". You will be asked to pick a repository (pick something close to you) and then you can scroll down and select the MARSS package from the list. Click install and you should be ready to go. On a Mac, you select the menu "Packages" then click on "Package installer". Select "binaries", and then scroll down to the MARSS package and install.

3) After you install the MARSS package, type library(MARSS) at the R command line to load the package.

4) You can open the user guide with all the case studies by typing RShowDoc("UserGuide",package="MARSS")

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